Dr. Ann Gatty

I’m an author and leadership coach who designs creative strategies for business owners looking to grow their success.  We partner to expand their personal development and leadership styles so that they can more successfully run their business while enjoying their personal life passions.

But this is not how I started my career.

I started as a learning specialist.  I can talk academic very well and spout names of famous learning theorists with ease.  I can recite learning taxonomies and can explain the nuances about how we learn.  I’ve written hundreds of lesson plans.  I have taught in classrooms ranging from Kindergarten through the University Master’s level.  Yet, I decided to leave this environment.

The world of academics has its place in the world of education, but I found that it didn’t provide me the arena in which I could help people achieve the real-life results they desired.   Even my last position offer at a Pittsburgh University as a professor in the master’s level leadership program having an applied component, still seemed artificial.

My teaching experience started with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation where I developed lessons that were taught in and among the building of the restored historic 18th century town.  I taught history completely without textbooks and found the results rewarding.  For fourteen years I developed museum education programs for historic sites and became convinced that experiential learning was the way to achieve the most lasting transformational results.

After my tenure in the museum field, I returned to the classroom with my freshly minted Ph.D. in Instruction and Learning to train future teachers and business leaders.  This time, back in the classroom, reminded me that if I really want to train people to be successful in real life jobs, I need to be doing so in real life situations.  I left the academy and have been working with business leaders, in their company environments, ever since.

Since arriving back in the business environment, I’ve built companies that were then sold with my late husband and business partner, Dr. Gene Gatty. I know what it takes to build a successful business. Here are some of the ways I can help build your business to work brilliantly:

  • provide leadership coaching so you can communicate,clearly and inspire your work team
  • create work systems in increase productivity
  • develop Employee Policy Manuals for your team
  • coach successful professionals on work/life balance

By blending both theoretical and practical expertise, I created The Business Sphere of Excellence®, a strategic business implementation tool that helps businesses run efficiently and profitably.  I’m actually, quite proud of that. The Sphere of Excellence® embraces organizational values, corporate culture and strategic implementation.   By the way, I also work with a Great Dane, therapy dog, Remington, to offer employee engagement workshops including “Playing Nice with Others, A Great Dane’s Advice to the Corporate World.”


Start working with Dr. Ann today!

Not Sure?  Here are the top reasons  that my clients enjoy working with me. Is there one that speaks to you?

  1. I believe that business success is measured by more than the amount of monetary profit.
  2. I believe that each person possesses special and unique talents that can be used to make the world a better place.
  3. I love working with business owners to build organizations that showcase its peoples’ talents.
  4. I strive to celebrate individual’s talents and align those talents with meaningful work and profitable income.

I look forward to an opportunity to discuss how I can help you succeed with your business endeavors. Work with me to see how we can solve your professional business challenges and help you work and play brilliantly.

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