Therapy Dogs at Work

Beretta was a Great Dane Therapy dog who worked with our company for 11 years. He was our Chief Happiness Officer and co-authored the book, Leadership Unleashed: A Great Dane’s Wisdom for the Business World. He had over 500 visits to hospitals, nursing homes, veteran’s facilities, and business offices.

Beretta assisted with our workshops on

  • team building
  • leadership development
  • conflict resolution.

Dogs understand these concepts. They can resolve their conflicts quickly and efficiently without too many growls and snarls. They are pack animals and know what it means to be a part of a team. And he was a master at demonstrating leadership authenticity and empathy. We said goodbye to Beretta in May 2021 as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

The Legacy lives on, Meet Remington.

Remington, aka Remi, is our new Great Dane addition that will be following in Beretta’s paw steps. Remi was born on June 13, 2022. She also is a fawn and has a similar temperament as Beretta—gentle, sweet, and loving. We expect her to step into the role as Chief Happiness Officer as soon as she matures. Therapy dogs provide emotional support and comfort for those that the meet. We believe that Remi fits the criteria to fill that role. She is growing and learning in leaps and bounds.


We expect Remi to assist with workshops and with being present in any conflict resolution sessions. Danes have such a calming presence that the any tension within the group lowers immediately.

Remi is attending obedience classes and practicing for her Therapy Dog test.  She has passed the one year mark, so she is eligible to test.  We also are training her for confirmation dog shows.  You can see that she is practicing her “stacking” which allows the judge to assess her physique against the breed standards. 

It was such a pleasure to see how positively the children, families, and guests interacted with Beretta.

On behalf of the entire staff at Highmark Caring Place, Warrendale, we would like to thank you and Beretta for participating in the Children’s Grief Awareness Day Open House.  It was such a pleasure to see how positively the children, families, and guests interacted with

Meghan O’Mahoney Martin
Volunteer Services Coordinator, Highmark Caring Place

It was fun to see the unexpected leaders emerging from the group exercises.

The staff at Northland Public Library work with patrons of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances every day. Good communication skills are critical to successful interactions with our patrons, funders and each other. Learning about different communication styles and corresponding techniques from Dr. Ann Gatty, during

Amy Steele
Executive Director, Northland Public Library

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