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Clarifying Your Business’s Vision

Successful business owners create strategies that provide clear focus and direction to reach their desired vision. Any business development plans must start with a clarity of vision.  Where you began directing your business may not be where your business is currently headed.  Once we know that the vision is clear we can help you move your company forward.  The strategies employed to grow a business vary, depending on the volatility of the industry environment, and also, the organizational structure.  We have the tools in place to provide clear solutions for your business success.

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We know what small businesses require to succeed.  We’re here to help solve your business challenges!

Business Sphere of Excellence®

Using our Business Sphere of Excellence® Implementation tool, you can experience continuous growth as you meet your long term business goals. Successful businesses combine these three components:  a clear vision, engaged employees, and competent leadership.  Using the Business Sphere of Excellence®, you can:

  • monitor strategies alignment with company vision
  • maintain engaged talent who embrace your core values and mission
  • boost emerging leadership opportunities
  • sustain continued organizational growth.

To begin the process, we meet with the company leaders and complete the  1-Day Strategic Makeover. Then, we continue with the Business Sphere of Excellence® tool for the next 10 months to implement an action plan ensuring long-term business growth and development. We recommend this process because we can test implementation processes and modify as we move through our involvement with your company.  This provides the best long-term results.

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The Business Sphere of Excellence® is our proprietary business implementation tool that addresses employee culture, core values and business strategies. It’s used to graphically design, plan and execute business goals.

1 Day Strategic Makeover

In this intensive problem-confrontation meeting, we identify the pressing issues your company currently experiences. Also, we assess where monies are being drained from profits and identify how to build more profit and growth in the business. We offer creative ways to reinvigorate your employees.   The 1-day session provides a neutral view of your business opportunities, and potential pitfalls. One day and we’ll be on our way, giving you an easy-to-follow outline.

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