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The Focused 1-Day Strategic Makeover is a management and business strategy workout session.

As you start building your business things seem to be progressing and you see a customer base and revenue increasing.   Then BAM! You get stuck.  You keep trying the same strategies that worked before but nothing happens.  You’ve plateaued.

Our job is to get you unstuck. What got you to your first level of success won’t get you to the next level.  Your strategies need to change.  This is where we can help.  With you, we complete our 6 Step Strategic Growth Audit, review the findings, and create an effective strategic makeover. We organize our makeover around the functions of our Business Sphere of Excellence®

  • mission/vision
  • marketing strategies
  • sales conversion strategies
  • operating procedures
  • product and service development
  • financial monitoring and payment systems

In one session, we will identify the areas within the business where money is being drained, and  where business strategies are mismatched with the current market environment.  Through this intensive assessment and makeover process, we will identify money-losing areas and potential profit-growing opportunities to improve your overall business strategy. Completion of this process we provide a written roadmap that:

  • Identifies business strategies that improve company growth and development
  • Provides tools for your team to improve their productivity. 
  • Lists strategies for your company to be  more innovative in solving client challenges.
  • Identifies areas of potential growth and added value, while shifting focus from less profitable products and systems.

We believe your company’s best days are still ahead. And we believe you have great, untapped employee talent waiting to be discovered. Our team keeps all information confidential during the 1-Day Strategic Makeover. And, we request that the organization’s leadership be present during our involvement.

  • We provide the 1-Day Strategic Makeover workshop (4 hours) either in person or via video conferencing.
  • The workshop hours are flexible, based on the your schedule.

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Build your business to work brilliantly by updating your business strategy to use the Business Sphere of Excellence® as a tool to focus your work.

The first step in our Intensive 1-Day Makeover is the 6-Step Strategic Growth Audit. To learn more about it, click the button below.

Try something new, see how we think, and get stuff done that matters.

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