Business Sphere of Excellence ®

Our Business Sphere of Excellence ® is a 5-month program that includes working with me on an individual basis.  I provide step-by-step guidance to craft a new business operating model or updating your current model.  The written guide is your resource  that we use to build your side hustle into a thriving stand-alone business.   Or, maybe you’ve created a business but are stuck and need renewed traction.  Either way, this coaching program is for you! IT’S TIME TO MAKE YOUR DREAM A REALITY.  When using this process, entrepreneurs can:

  • build  your business around your core values and mission.
  • operate your business efficiently with higher productivity
  • continually monitor progress to reach your goals

We created this highly successful guide to revolutionize the way you do business.  By working with Business Sphere of Excellence ®, you create a living action plan that will be your go-to-guiding resource for monitoring your progress.   The charts and graphs can be posted on walls or on desks. It becomes an obvious reference for the daily business operations that can be executed by all of your team members.

The Business Sphere of Excellence ®  gets its name from two key ideas.

  • Business functions represented by the sphere
  • Excellence via the quality of work

1. Business functions combine to form an integrated sphere. Functions are built on the values embraced by the company’s culture. To dig a little deeper, the sphere represents a continuous circle where the business is aways creating an opportunity for continuous improvement. A business’s major functions include:

    • Vision and Mission
    • Marketing
    • Operations
    • Sales
    • Products & Services
    • Financial Strategies

2. The company’s definition of excellence is the standard that it sets and by which it will be judged.  All employees must understand the vision of excellence that the company establishes.

Work with Me

 The Business Sphere of Excellence ®  is a great reference that will provide you with necessary strategies for many years.  It can be used to complete assignments more efficiently, monitor progress, and eliminate wasted time.  Such efficiency expands your business capacity to accomplish more.  The Business Sphere of Excellence ®  is easy to update on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.  Long-range business sustainability is the outcome achieved from using this simple easy to use tool.
The investment for this program is $5,500 if paid up front, or 3 payments of $2,000.  

In addition, you will receive a copy of my Productivity guide, GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER.
We would love to have a conversation with you to learn how we can ensure that your business succeeds!

Get started today!

Build your business to work brilliantly by updating your business strategy to use the Business Sphere of Excellence® as a tool to focus your work.

The first step in our Intensive 1-Day Makeover is the 6-Step Strategic Growth Audit. To learn more about it, click the button below.

Try something new, see how we think, and get stuff done that matters.

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