4 Ways Leaders Inspire Positivity at Work

Excited business teamNo one like a grumpy boss. It’s a real de-motivator and throws a wet blanket on the whole work atmosphere. Not to mention that a sour attitude increases workplace anxiety, frustration and stress. One of the important role of any leader is to influence the behavior and attitudes of his or her followers. It’s much more enjoyable to work in a pleasant and cooperative atmosphere where congeniality is a integral part of the culture. So, in order to create an environment people with uplifting energy, let’s look at 4 ways in which leaders can lighten the mood an inspire positivity at work.

Enjoy the journey.

If leaders model an over the top seriousness, where there is not room for light-hearted amusement, then the results will show in the work commitment. Life is a journey that should always include enjoyment. Think about how, as a leader, you communicate how the work being done fits into the grand scheme of life itself. Showing up with a healthy view of work/life balance sets a healthy tone in the workplace. Celebrate successes at work, no matter how small. It’s part of the journey.

Champion healthy living.

Unhealthy work practices are demotivating in an organization. In today’s work environment, “Sitting” is becoming the new “Smoking.” Research findings are telling us that spending hours in a sedentary position can lead to an increase in cancer, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. This is just one example of how we should guard again unhealthy work practices. Establishing a wellness program does not have to be overwhelming and time consuming. A leader can send a clear message that the health of the workforce is important, simply by implementing a few key initiatives.
• Create standing desks
• Encourage micro-break times for stretching, moving, and re-energizing
• Swap healthy snack in the vending machines
• Include wellness tips in the office newsletter.

Express gratitude.

Employee appreciation goes a long way in motivating the workforce. Everyone wants to feel respected and recognized for their contribution. Saying, “Thank you,” is easy and will be well received. In any company, no one can accomplish projects alone. It’s always a team effort. Leadership that acknowledges the tenacity, hard work and high productivity will reap the rewards of a positive, happy workforce that continually produces quality results. It’s so easy for a leader to express gratitude. How difficult is it to visit employees at their work stations and thank them for their work contributions, on regular occasions? In the office newsletter, include employee recognition. And most importantly, just get to know them and their interests. Such personal interaction, shows that you are thankful for them just being them.

Learn from mistakes.

If your workforce is afraid to make a mistake because you, the leader, will show displeasure, then say goodbye to trying new more efficient ways of doing things or testing new ideas. Every situation can be viewed as a learning opportunity. Just think of Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and every other famous inventor. Failures came first. Yet, these individuals, who were leaders in their own organizations, modeled the very message of learning from mistakes. Obviously, work productivity cannot continue to be shoddy, but it’s better to allow the staff to feel they can admits when things go wrong without retribution, than having them cover up mistakes. As a leader, communicating that mistakes are human and provide learning opportunities is a positive approach.


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