A Leadership Coach is an Entrepreneur’s Powerful Asset

leadership coachingA leadership coach is an often-untapped asset for entrepreneurs.  Many entrepreneurs hire a coach to assist with building leadership skills.  But this is just the beginning. Actually, there are three business topics in play.  Leadership, business strategy and organizational culture.  These three need to be address because they are intertwined.  They affect each other.

A culture will fail to successfully implement business strategies if the culture is not aligned with the core values and vision of the leadership.  Leaders must communicate the vision.  The organizational culture must buy in.  Then strategy can be successfully implemented.

All three of these area must work together for long term success.  Here are 5 ways that  a leadership coach can assist with not only leadership development but also creating solid strategies and aligning the organizational culture.

Create greater focus with a leadership coach

Partnering with a coach is an excellent way to define the specific trajectory of where you want to be headed with your business.  As you hone your leadership skills, also improve how you communicate your vision.   The coach can act as a compass, keeping your moving toward your target and aligning your vision with that of your staff.  If your business starts to drift off course, the coach can re-direct your forward movement get you back on track.  It is essential that you have a clear vision identifying where you are heading and keep your organizational culture aligned to that vision.

Go further faster

A leadership coach can help you shorten the learning curve as you expand your skill sets.  The coach will advise you on the “how-to’s” that allow you to put these new skills into practice.  Leadership is more than just determining the vision for the business.  It includes being able to communicate the vision, motivate the work force and help them drive for results.  As every entrepreneur knows, time is limited and managing time is essential.  It’s important to delegate quickly, so that you can spend as much of your time as possible working on growing your business, rather than attending to day-to-day details.

Invest in yourself

Hiring a coach is a sign that you are willing to invest in your own self-improvement.  Often business owners and entrepreneurs skimp on investing in themselves.  However, partnering with a coach allows you to keep learning about ways to improve your business and yourself.  As you learn and apply new insights from the coaching experience, you develop a boosted self-confidence.  The leadership coach can help you find the balance between your personal and professional lives.  With newly acquired skills and insights, you can better serve others.  This self-improvement cycle continues as you learn more and serve better and watch your business grow.

Receive unbiased insights

As a new entrepreneur, you spend much of the time handling daily operations, or problem solving.  Over time, you develop patterns for running the business.  However, there may be assumptions that you are making about how to handle marketing, employees, finances, etc.  To continue to grow the business, you will need to explore new ways of accomplishing tasks as you expand your operations.  An unbiased and objective coach can identify how these assumptions may be unrealistic in your expanding business.  You may be comfortable in how you have handled the daily operations.   But with expansion, holding on to procedures or policies that no longer produce the desired results can be costly. It is difficult, if not impossible for an individual to notice their blind spots, but a coach can.  They can offer fresh perspectives about how to solve growing challenges in your business that you have not ever had the where with all to consider.  A good leadership coach can help you move toward your vision as you grow an organizational culture that moves with you.

Create realistic and attainable goals

Lastly, a leadership coach can educate you about creating goals that are both realistic and attainable.  Goals that can be modified as needed.  Create goals in which progress is measurable.  And most importantly, when the goals are established, your coach becomes an accountability partner.  As you meet with the coach, you will be able to demonstrate progress that you have made accomplishing the goals.  Such a relationship allows you to establish an organized system to get thing done and continue to move your business forward.  Through this structured relationship, you regularly experience specific ways to work effectively and efficiently.  You learn how to make effective decisions, craft a future vision for the organization, communicate this vision to those working with you and build a strategies.

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Leadership Unleashed BerettaAt Strategic People Solutions, we specialize in coaching entrepreneurs to be impactful in their work.  If you are an entrepreneur or thinking about how to monetize a side hustle, consider talking to us.  Through conversation, we can determine if we are a good fit.  We will partner with you to assure that you maximize the quality of service you provide to your customers.  We will walk alongside you to assist when things get a little confusing—and they will.   There are no cookie-cutter programs at Strategic People Solutions.  We offer tailored leadership coaching to transform your business into the reality that you have envisioned.  Learn more about Strategic People Solutions Coaching opportunities here.

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