Ann Gatty

Dr. Ann Gatty is president of Strategic People Solutions, a business consulting firm, helping small businesses. For the past twenty years she and her husband, Gene, have been providing leadership development programs, business implementation strategies, and solving HR employment issues. Dr. Ann created The Business Sphere of Excellence®,a strategic business planning model used to construct annual and long range business plans. Dr. Ann Gatty is an expert in understanding and creating a diverse workplace culture. She consults with clients on iHR, workplace productivity, and leadership development. Her research focus is on women leadership issues.

Teamwork is Strengthened by Different Breeds of People

Teamwork is a common ingredient in the work environment.  To create effective teams, diversity plays a role.  Like canines, humans have many different types of personalities and represent many different backgrounds.  This diversity—cultural, religious, gender, race and sexual orientation among other differences—can create a wonderful work environment.  Diversity, personality styles, and background experiences should be […]

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Avoiding Business Personality Disorder

Imagine that a potential customer visits your website, saw your business page on Facebook or LinkedIn and talked via telephone to a member of your staff about buying your products or services. Would that individual encounter an experience with a Business Personality Disorder, or BPD? Unfortunately, many companies suffer from this malady, identified by Roy

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Daring to Fail

Does curiosity really kill the cat? Yes, curiosity can get one into trouble if one has a proclivity to attend to other people’s business. The proverbial expression ‘curiosity killed the cat’, is usually used when attempting to stop someone asking unwanted questions. But, this advice does not always apply when building a successful business. If

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Business Growth Advice: What We Learned from Growing Tomatoes

Being that my late husband was Italian, and according to him, there was nothing to like more than good, delicious, Italian spaghetti sauce made with fresh tomatoes. So, we decided to plant some tomatoes in a home garden especially designed for them. Friends had told us how easy it was to produce a bushel of

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