building an achievement planBuilding an achievement plan for your business provides wonderful benefits. Setting goals and determining how the goals will be met takes tactical decisions. When you have an achievement plan in place, you will find that you have more clarity, direction and focus to complete tasks and keep moving forward toward your goals.

Most business goals are put in place to grow the business and improve its results. Also, when you establish goals, the underlying assumption is that you are going to try and achieve those goals. Having an achievement plan in place helps you grow a solid business, stay sane (give or take) and get back on track when you slide off. Here are 4 ways to build an effective achievement plan.

Create a focused action plan

We’ve stated it before, but it bears repeating that without well established goals and a clear direction for where your business is heading, your will never make the progress you want.  Not only are clear goals essential, but identifying who is responsible for driving the efforts to meet those goals.  With an understanding of what it is you expect to accomplish and making the assignments to get the work done, you are ready to create the action plan.

The action plan becomes the sequence of tasks that, as they are completed, move you through and toward your goals.  The action plan identifies what needs to be done, who will do the work, and when it must be completed.  Having a written action plan will shorten the time it takes to achieve your business goals because it provides a basis to more quickly make wiser and more productive decisions.

Set priorities

We all understand that we should spend as much of our time as possible on the important tasks that improve our business and expand our profits.  No one would deny that.  When setting priorities for your work, ask yourself this question: “How is my work today getting me closer to what I want to achieve?”  The point of this question is to remind yourself how your current activities will help you advance toward your future goals.

Setting priorities takes discipline, because many of those priorities will take focused effort to achieve them.  I’m sure there is a lot of busy work you can find that will consume your time and take less effort.  The key is to surround yourself with quality people who will help you eliminate the busy work and excuse making and keep you focused on the goals.  In other words, they will hold you accountable.  In the end, meeting priorities is a lot more satisfying than living with excuses.


We live in a world that is complicated.  Keeping up with technology, understanding changes in the market, monitoring government regulations, and serving ongoing clients’ needs and demand a great amount of time.  This is one reason you need to establish systems in your business operations.  Writing down how you do what you do, so that it can become a more automatic and consistent way of handling things, simplifies actions.  Having systems in place allows you to focus on building your business.  Having systems in place that simplify your operating process helps you gain traction in your business.  You can turn around the delivery of your products and services faster, with consistent quality.

Don’t work on someone else’s dream

Here are our final words of advice regarding building an achievement plan for your business.  You will be much more successful if your work is fulfilling, energizing and drives you forward even when you run into turbulent times.  In a typical workweek, try to schedule work you look forward to doing.  As entrepreneurs and small business owners know, the vision for the company must be a vision that you own.  The outcome you strive to achieve must be an outcome that makes you proud.  Building a business is hard work.  Building an achievement plan for your business can be your game changer.

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