How Your Strategic Business Plan Can Communicate Your Vision

Concept of strategic business planAt Strategic People Solutions, we have been telling our clients that it is important to have a strategic business plan. Our planning model consists of a set of directions for moving the organization forward and focusing on the implementation process handled by the workforce. We’re not suggesting that the plan must be a long-written document, but it needs to be a set of instructions that clearly describe the business vision for the future and how the staff will move the business forward to get there. We want the plan to be the company’s reference, rather thana report that sits on a shelf. Aside from using the plan to communicate the business goals, here are three other ways to use your business plan effectively.

Business as Usual is Boring

The daily tasks of running a business, handling customer services, answering emails, and building products can sometimes be mundane. Business operations can be especially boring if the daily tasks are repetitive. It is our suggestion, that when crafting strategic business plans, that leaders include ways to allow for employees to continue to grow and develop their skill sets. They should be encouraged to change old habits and be given incentives for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of completing daily tasks. When updating your business plan, include strategies which offer employee recognition for innovative ideas. Continuously challenging and rewarding people for their contribution is motivating and communicates that they are an integral part of the company’s future.

Incorporate Something New

As you create and/or revise the company’s strategic business plan, think of projects that you can incorporate into marketing, sales, operations, and product development strategies. New projects bring something fresh and different to the company culture. They take you beyond the usual and the everyday. At work, they might encompass setting up a new marketing campaign, developing a new process, or creating a new product entirely. Such projects can allow for a different employee work configuration, or it can offer incentives to try different things. Either way, new projects can help you and your workforce to look forward to Monday mornings.

Stretch Yourself

We know that to grow a business, leaders must take risks from time to time. If you are looking for your business to grow, your business will need to stretch. This may include adding new talent to the staff and asking current staff members to stretch by learning new skills. Stretching beyond what is currently produced by the company may include delivering products and services in less time. To stay competitive, your company may need to expand and grow its geographic market share. Regardless, smart leaders will mitigate the risks by crafting business growth strategies in the business plan and monitor the growth patterns using a few well-chosen key predictive indicators. Stretching is healthy for body, mind and business.

We are experienced in designing your strategic business plan. Using our Business Sphere of Excellence® Implementation tool, you can experience continuous growth as you meet your long-term business goals. Successful businesses combine these three components: a clear vision, engaged employees, and competent leadership. We work with companies to clarify the vision, boost the leadership capabilities, and add quality talent to the workforce. Our Business Sphere of Excellence® is a simple and straightforward way to craft implementation strategies that everyone in the workplace culture can understand and utilize in a highly productive manner.


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