Beretta building trust

The Importance of Building Trust in Your Organization

Trust is about keeping your word and honoring your commitments.  Trust is about being authentic and being honest in your actions.  Seems simple enough.  Yet, building trust can be elusive for many organizational cultures.  In an organization, the lack of trust among leadership and employees can lead to the company’s demise.  In the article, Importance …

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leader within

Finding Your Leader Within

Is there a leader within each of us?  It’s a question worthy of investigation for anyone who works with people—teachers, parents, business professionals, volunteers.  Yes, there have been volumes written about leadership and leadership style.  However, learning how to be the leader within has been elusive.  Instead we learn how to describe leadership traits and …

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authentic leadership traits

4 Authentic Leadership Traits that Build Trust

How do we describe authentic leadership traits that lend themselves to building trust with your peers and your staff?  Actually, authenticity has many facets, but primarily it comes down to being genuine.  If a leader is genuine, people know what to expect, and the opportunity to build trust begins. Trust is built through daily and …

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next generation of leaders

Developing Our Next Generation of Leaders

Daunting times are ahead for our business community in developing our next generation of leaders.  With the continuous exit of approximately 3.5 million baby boomers from the workforce each year, finding qualified replacements is becoming paramount.  The greatest challenge for companies will be finding qualified talent—and keeping them!  Statistics indicate that millennials have an average …

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balanced leadership for a highly productive workforce

Use Balanced Leadership to Create a Highly Productive Workforce

What do we mean by balanced leadership and how does this enable us to create a highly productive workforce? Balanced leadership is a combination of strength and warmth, where the leader employs both technical competencies and the softer “people” skills.  Examples of technical competences, or strengths, include the skills usually listed on a resume, strategic …

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business decision-making

Business Decision-making Improves with Brainstorming

Whether you are entering the market as a new business or thinking of expanding an existing business, your business decision-making is greatly enhanced by using the technique of brainstorming. Through brainstorming, business professionals generate new ideas. While many associate brainstorming with generating new product ideas and communication strategies, the technique also is useful in improving …

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what makes a good leader

What Makes a Good Leader?

What makes a good leader? Being authentic. An authentic leader is well versed at offering emotional support. It is becoming increasingly evident that everyone needs emotional support, including CEO’s and presidents. How does a good leader encourage more emotional support among members of our workforce? Several strategies are available that demonstrate how offering emotional support …

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heart-centered leader

Being a Heart-centered Leader

The requirements for organizational leadership continue to evolve and the humanness of leadership is gaining more recognition.  There is a growing need for a heart-centered leader.  Such leaders display a natural authenticity and humility and are willing to make themselves readily available to their employees.  The heart-centered leader listens to their concerns, offers an opportunity …

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