heart-centered leader

Being a Heart-centered Leader

The requirements for organizational leadership continue to evolve and the humanness of leadership is gaining more recognition.  There is a growing need for a heart-centered leader.  Such leaders display a natural authenticity and humility and are willing to make themselves readily available to their employees.  The heart-centered leader listens to their concerns, offers an opportunity […]

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effective leadership

Effective Leadership vs. Effective Management

What’s the distinction between effective leadership and effective management?  Plenty has been written comparing the attributes found in leadership and management.  But does it really matter when running an organization?  Perhaps it’s beneficial to combine the skills found in both leadership and management to be most effective. Leading and managing are two sides of the

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future of leadership

The Future of Leadership

What is the future of leadership? Leadership in the twenty first century continues to evolve to meet the demands of dramatically changing organizational structures. The organizational structure is being transformed to include decision making at all levels. Leadership capabilities are needed throughout organizational structures, not simply at the top tier levels. The leadership role is

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solution-focused coaching

A Solution-Focused Coaching Model is a Valuable Tool for Leaders

A solution-focused coaching model has become a useful employee development tool for leaders.  Business leaders are aware that retaining quality talent in their workforce is a growing concern.  To boost levels of employee retention, leaders are providing increasing levels of professional development.  And leaders are finding that changing the role of the employee performance review

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shrinking the leadership gap

Shrinking the Leadership Gap in Your Organization

As we move through the beginning stages of the twenty-first century we find that there remains a growing leadership gap for our businesses.  These organizations need leaders who can effectively navigate the complex and changing situations of our times. Organizations need to assess who is currently available in the workforce and whether they have the

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authentic leader

What It Means to Be an Authentic Leader & Why It Matters

We read a lot about how an effective leader is also an authentic leader.  But what does that mean, exactly, and why does authenticity matter?  Bill George, who pioneered the research on authentic leadership and wrote his seminal book on the subject in 2003, explains that over the past decade, authenticity has become the gold

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inspiring others at work

Inspiring Others At Work

The secret to inspiring others is to know the people whom you are inspiring. People react more positively when they know that leaders understand their personalities, values, aptitudes, and skill sets. Leadership happens in moments. It’s often the small, seemingly inconsequential occurrences that can positively inspire others. In today’s workplace, there is no magic bullet

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