How to Create Your Leadership Brilliance

Hands and sun.The concept of leadership and the role of leaders has changed significantly in the recent years. The marketplace environment is changing at such a rapid pace that the days of analyzing the market, planning a sales strategy and implementing the execution have given way to a more agile way of delivering services. Today’s leaders experience success by being adept at combining business acumen with creative thinking. Being able to think on one’s feet has become a necessary skill.

If you embrace and practice the five competencies that I describe below, you will find you, as a leader, will experience positive results leading your organization forward. Let this be the time when your leadership illuminates the brilliance that inspires your staff to dig deep, and go above and beyond to accomplish the mission your company provides. Innovation, passion, and a never give up attitude all create a shining example for others to emulate. Become proficient in these five competencies and experience the success that follows.

Broaden your point of view.

Seeing how situations look from your workforce member’s perspective can bring more clarity in your decision making. Engaging with and listening to your employees will provide needed insight into how they view the world and their work. They also probably have some ideas about how to accomplish tasks in ways you may not have considered. Stepping into the shoes of your co-workers allows you to develop a level of appreciation for their efforts and allows you to show respect for their contributions. The other leadership benefit that you derive from broadening your point of view is that you become more willing to embrace different possibilities. Since change is a constant ingredient in the world of work, being open to different ways of handling situations is a strong leadership competency.

Stay curious.

Keep learning because nothing stays the same. We know that being curious and continuous learning can lead to innovative ideas. Businesses need innovation to stay competitive in this rapidly changing environment. As a leader, you will find that your staff is much more willing to maintain a sense of curiosity and try out new methods to improve productivity and product design if they know you support their efforts. Having an attitude that your success also includes learning from mistakes allows your staff to become problem solving employees having the confidence that they can figure things out. Maintaining a sense of curiosity also creates a more vibrant, energized work environment, where sharing new ideas becomes a daily part of operations.

Understand the talent that surrounds you.

Smart leaders embrace the art of coaching to provide ongoing professional development for their work staff. Being able to coach allows you to share your expertise and assist the continuous improved performance of individuals. One of the main reasons I enjoy my work mentoring business leaders and their employees is that I inevitably discover hidden talents that have gone untapped. Skills are transferable. Taking advantage of past experiences allows the members of your organizational culture to contribute to their current job assignments. For example, if an employee has training in market research from a previous job and is now in a sales position, the research skills will be useful in identifying potential leads. As the business environment shifts and changes, the skills that your employees possess can become useful in different ways.

Get things done.

Smart leaders are adept at setting the pace in which work gets done. Obviously, companies want to produce results that are on time and under budget. That is how profit is made. Yet you as a leader need to always be on the lookout for any obstacles that could slow down progress. Clearing away impediments that block the completion of a job, or finding solutions to obtaining needed answers to move a project forward, often falls on your shoulders. Teaching your staff to find ways to be proactive and complete tasks in a timely manner is the sign of an efficiently run organization.

Make things better for the community you serve.

Service first. A leader who is a servant first will become the recipient of many benefits. As they say, “What goes around comes around.” Embracing the attitude of serving others with whom you work and the community in which you reside, establishes you as a leader people respect and appreciate. Modeling servant leadership will help you establish a positive work environment and a great place to work. Giving back to your community gives your employees a sense of pride and your customers a sense of loyalty.

Your leadership success is more than winning a popularity contest. Showing that you are partnering with your workforce to be innovative, getting things done and making a positive contribution to those around you will create your leadership brilliance. People will notice. My advice: shine on!


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