Entrepreneurial Leadership Tips

Here are 5 entrepreneurial leadership tips to keep your business on track as it evolves to the next level. When you first started your entrepreneurial adventure you were most likely involved in all aspects of the business. As the business grows, you inevitably need to delegate some of those responsibilities. However, these entrepreneur leadership tips are designed to remind you that leadership includes not only helping employees believe in you, the business owner, but also helping employees believe in themselves and their own competencies. As you work with your employees, communicate exactly what you expect from them in order to expand the business according to your initial vision. Try these tips.

  1. Create a culture that embraces your values. 
    As you started the company you will began by defining the values that are foundational to you. As employees are added, you continuously align the values that you hold with the behaviors that they display. Such alignment is managed through communicating your business priorities and motivating employees to consistently reflect your business brand.
  2. Keep doing what you enjoy doing.
    Many times we have witnessed business owners start a business, and enjoy specific aspects of the work. However, over time, as more employees are hired, the business owner began to divest himself of the responsibilities—such as sales, or customer relations—that he enjoyed and take on more administrative tasks. This does not have to happen. As noticed in these entrepreneurial leadership tips, a business owner should enjoy his work and find others to do the other tasks. An owner needs to hire staff to handle those business aspects that are not a favorite and keep attending to those tasks at which the owner excels.
  3. Protect the customer relationships that you have built.
    Avoid the assumptions that new employees will value the customer relationships as much as you did when you started the business. Entrepreneurial leadership includes maintaining the business relationships that have endured over time and that have become a staple for your financial success. Consistently providing excellent customer service is a hallmark of sustained profitability.
  4. Remain accessible.
    You know why you built the business and how hard you have worked. When you start turning over responsibilities keep in touch but don’t micromanage. Believe in those who now are handling different aspects of the business. But entrepreneurs need to be visible throughout the company and still need to be visible with customers. Showing up at different times will allow you to see the real organizational picture and help you stay informed.
  5. Maintain a rock-solid favorable reputation.
    Your brand is what sets your business apart and what makes it unique. Entrepreneurial leadership requires that you work with employees to model the same values that helped you create your brand. A business brand takes effort to create but can be destroyed quickly. Your company reputation will help your business weather difficult financial market challenges. Stay aware of how your business is perceived.
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