Feel for Success

Passion is defined as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement about doing something.

As a small business owner, you need to be passionate about what you are doing. As a great man once said, without passion you don’t have energy.

If you are not energetic in marketing your products, clients will not find you. You know the sage, “If you build it, they will come.”

If you are passionate in your marketing process, clients will come. But first, you have to be passionate in your product or services. In this highly competitive atmosphere, your passion concerning your product or services will set you apart from your other competitors.

You should develop a competitive edge utilizing your specific core values and operative goals that put you ahead of those others who compete for the same product or service. Or rather than living within that highly combative, cut-throat competitive arena, are you able to use your passion to fuel innovation and think outside the box.

Passion will sustain your ability to thrive through today and spring ahead as you greet tomorrow. I have a client who has been a successful business person for a number of years, but now his passion is to develop a new service that will complement his product line and drive a whole new revenue stream into his operation. This tradesman has been in business offering services to his clients for many years. Now, he has found a product, which he believes in, and knows that it can improve the lives of the clients he already is serving. It also will open a new market for adding customers.

There are tremendous changes coming that could put the current sales model on its ear. For example, more frequently vehicles may be purchased through the internet, more of the future population will be ride-sharing, and there is an expectation that driverless cars may be commonplace. All of these changes affect how the auto dealers conduct their business. So they prepare.

Now let’s consider your business. Consider what the future holds for your product or service, and prepare for the future. Do your research, and prepare to stay in business. If you are passionate about your business, you will understand that there is no such thing as the status quo. Everything is changing.

Keep up to date on the possibility of changes in your product or service so you can actively plan in adapting to them. Make plans in anticipation to the changes.

Finally, your passion should assist you to change you into a more knowledgeable person, becoming more effective and efficient in the operation of your entire life. You will make mistakes, but those mistakes will enable you to grow. More entrepreneurs ae using professional coaches or mentors to improve their own skills, knowledge and abilities.

It is more important now than ever before that small business leaders develop a strong action plan, re-think their vision for where they want to take their organizations, and set specific measurable, achievable goals that will carry the organization into a strong and enduring position.

This article was written by Dr. Gene Gatty, co-founder of Strategic People Solutions.  The article was published in Butler County Business Matters Magazine, June 2016.


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