How an Entrepreneurial Spirit Connects with Your Business Purpose

entrepreneurial spirit

People in the business world speak often about an entrepreneurial spirit and how more individuals entering the workplace are embracing it.  First, what is this entrepreneurial spirit and second, how does this spirit connect with a business’ sense of purpose?  Third, why does this connection matter to business leaders.  Let’s begin with defining an entrepreneurial spirit.  It’s a mindset.  It’s an attitude one holds compelled to actively seek out changes and improvements to current situations.  Much of this entrepreneurial spirit is comprised of self-motivation and inner drive.  Entrepreneurs are by nature innovative, creative, and calculated risk-takers.  Those who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit are passionate about the work that they do and the people they serve.

This attitude is permeating our current workforce.  Recent studies indicate that the average worker will change jobs approximately 8 times throughout his or her career.  What is becoming obvious with the workforce changing demographics is that a growing number of individuals are looking for greater meaning in the work that they perform rather than the paycheck they receive.  These workers take a job to learn new skills that once mastered, they take to their next job.  The decision for taking the next job is often primarily based on the purpose of the company.   Individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit are more concerned with the impact of their work on a purpose greater than themselves. The skills that they master are a means to this end.

Why does the connection between an entrepreneurial spirit and business purpose matter?

People want the purpose of their work to be aligned with the personal values that they hold.  Such alignment makes them feel that their work matters and has an impact.  If you consider the decision an individual makes to embark on the entrepreneurial journey, you will notice that the decision is often based on the impact their entrepreneurship will have on others.  They want to perform good work, and at the same time, make money.

Individuals entering the workforce today are looking to work with what is now called “conscious driven commerce:” making a positive social impact.  This increasing number of workers embrace an entrepreneurial spirit to join organizations where making a social impact is woven into the business purpose.  These individuals use their entrepreneurial mindset to critically question the status quo and strive for innovating solutions to community problems.  They seek continuous improvements businesses use to address these problems.

Entrepreneurs are passionate about their work.  Let’s use such passion to connect with businesses making a positive social impact. We wrote ENTREPRENEUR TO CEO: FROM BUSINESS STARTUP TO THRIVING ENTERPRISE to teach you how to be more profitable and impactful through your business journey. It is easier that imagined connecting the entrepreneurial spirit with the business sense of purpose.  Everyone wins—the business organization, the staff members, and the community they serve when the purpose, path and pride intersect.


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