How Leaders Re-establish Priorities

leadership re-establish prioritiesTo successfully emerge from this time of COVID, along with our racial unrest, leaders must re-establish priorities.  Although the economic landscape may look daunting for your business, there can be silver linings, if you search for them.  Yes, this is a time of crisis, but it also can be a time of opportunity.  We suggest that leaders focus on three business functions to reap long-term rewards.  Improving customer service, embracing innovative thinking, and building an inclusive workplace ensures long lasting sustainability.

The next normal that is evolving allows leaders to challenge standard approaches that no longer produce desired results.  The way we view work, especially with the rise of the gig economy and the attention to workers’ rights, will forever be transformed.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, the leader to pivot from what worked before to re-establish priorities to navigate this new work environment.

Re-evaluate what matters to customers now.

During this time of crisis, this is an opportune time to objectively review your relationship with your customers.  Transparency is needed now more than ever to build and maintain customer loyalty.  Social isolation has changed the way customers relate to businesses and purchase goods and services.  Many people are in dire straits, so the more ways you can find to contribute to the social needs of the community the more you are likely to gain customer trust and support.  Learn to keep your plans and operating systems fluid so that you can adapt and remain relevant.

Create an atmosphere of continuous improvement and innovation.

In a time of crisis, there is nothing better than creativity to adapt and re-imagine how work can get done and customers better served.  This is the time to re-evaluate how innovation is embraced in the operations and ensure that resources for continuous improvement are allocated appropriately.  Your business will be well served if you create learning opportunities for both individuals and institution experimentation.  Regardless of the current volatile environment, continue to drive for results.  Identify and quickly address new opportunities being created.  Re-establish priorities to show commitment to employees to foster innovation and further productivity.  Need help building a work system that is more productive and innovative?  Grab a cfopy of my new productivity guide, GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER.

operational effectiveness

Build a more inclusive work environment.

Use this challenging time to set your future growth.  Change happening now within the organization is to be expected.  With the need for creative problem solving, diversity of thought offers a welcomed solution.  Use this time to re-affirm the organizational culture’s shared sense of purpose and redefine what the common performance culture embraces.  Re-imagine how decisions are made to allow all voices to be heard.  Broadening diversity is one step forward for a company, but inclusion takes it further toward better decision making and stronger productive working relationships.  This is the time to re-establish priorities and inspire others.

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