leading in uncharted terrains

Leading in Uncharted Terrains

In this time of economic uncertainty, business leaders often find themselves leading in uncharted terrains.  For many industries, the future is difficult to predict much less survive.  The leadership skills that were important in navigating the development of your business may no longer be relevant to ensure future sustainability.  For many leaders, this is a …

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business decision-making

Business Decision-making Improves with Brainstorming

Whether you are entering the market as a new business or thinking of expanding an existing business, your business decision-making is greatly enhanced by using the technique of brainstorming. Through brainstorming, business professionals generate new ideas. While many associate brainstorming with generating new product ideas and communication strategies, the technique also is useful in improving …

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effective leadership

Effective Leadership vs. Effective Management

What’s the distinction between effective leadership and effective management?  Plenty has been written comparing the attributes found in leadership and management.  But does it really matter when running an organization?  Perhaps it’s beneficial to combine the skills found in both leadership and management to be most effective. Leading and managing are two sides of the …

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future of leadership

The Future of Leadership

What is the future of leadership? Leadership in the twenty first century continues to evolve to meet the demands of dramatically changing organizational structures. The organizational structure is being transformed to include decision making at all levels. Leadership capabilities are needed throughout organizational structures, not simply at the top tier levels. The leadership role is …

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