leading in uncharted terrains

Leading in Uncharted Terrains

In this time of economic uncertainty, business leaders often find themselves leading in uncharted terrains.  For many industries, the future is difficult to predict much less survive.  The leadership skills that were important in navigating the development of your business may no longer be relevant to ensure future sustainability.  For many leaders, this is a …

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building an inclusive business

Building an Inclusive Business

Today, building an inclusive business environment is a core principle for any leader who wants to create a strong, competitive organization.  An inclusive business provides respect and value for every employee regardless of nationality, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Inclusion is the deliberate act of welcoming diversity in an environment where everyone’s voice can …

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purpose-driven organization

Why a Purpose-Driven Organization Matters

Employee happiness can no longer be an afterthought for businesses. A purpose-driven organization has become increasingly important when trying to recruiting talent to work for you. Now, 75 percent of job seekers say that company culture is just as important as salary. Today’s workforce wants to know that they make a difference and wants to …

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clear business purpose

Communicating A Clear Business Purpose Boosts Employee Performance

An emotionally stimulating purpose statement is a compelling driver to boost positive employee performance. Articulating a clear business purpose creates a strong advantage to compete in the transforming economic landscape, with tangible bottom line benefits. The organizational purpose is a business’s core reason for being and it communicates the benefit it provides those it serves. …

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Our Wise Dog Can Help You Build a Great Leadership Culture

Having a great leadership culture translates into having a happy high-performance workforce. We believe that a company is only as good as its people, so having a solid productive culture is important. An underlying component of building a leadership culture is to determine the various talents that each person brings to the company and making …

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Maintaining Clear Thinking at Work

For many employees, today’s work pace is at full throttle.  With looming deadlines, seemingly inpatient clients, and over-scheduled assignment load, today’s workforce can easily become frustrated, fatigued, and experience job burnout.  Additionally, employees consume a barrage of emails, social media messages, news accounts and the likes.  In the average day, individuals in the US receive …

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How Your Company Culture Affects Your Bottom Line

Building a positive, trusting, high-performance company culture takes time. This culture is the personality that your company projects to the public. Creating such an environment that is sustained over time, takes continual nurturing and planning. Getting to behavioral change requires understanding, open-mindedness and an appreciation of diversity, because it takes all types of personalities to …

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