dream team of leaders

Building a Dream Team of Leaders

To build a successful business, there needs to be clear direction, purpose, and strong leadership.  Building a dream team of leaders within the organization creates the much-needed component for clarifying the vision and executing the plan.  Strong leadership is needed in all areas of the organization, not simply within the top echelons.  Identifying and training […]

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time of uncertainty

In a Time of Uncertainty, Prioritize Increasing Revenue

This is a difficult time of uncertainty and business owners are instinctively cutting back and holding on to what cash they can.  COVID-19 has affected everyone.  Here we offer advice that may seem counter intuitive.  We suggest that business leaders focus on the human side of your employees and customers.  They should be your priority

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leading in uncharted terrains

Leading in Uncharted Terrains

In this time of economic uncertainty, business leaders often find themselves leading in uncharted terrains.  For many industries, the future is difficult to predict much less survive.  The leadership skills that were important in navigating the development of your business may no longer be relevant to ensure future sustainability.  For many leaders, this is a

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How to Be the Explainer-In-Chief of Your Company

There are many hats that a successful leader wears including being a visionary and being an explainer-in-chief.  If the leader can clearly communicate the organization’s vision that inspires its members, the execution of the plan becomes easier to complete. President Obama coined the term, explainer-in-chief to refer to Bill Clinton and the way in which

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Beretta building trust

The Importance of Building Trust in Your Organization

Trust is about keeping your word and honoring your commitments.  Trust is about being authentic and being honest in your actions.  Seems simple enough.  Yet, building trust can be elusive for many organizational cultures.  In an organization, the lack of trust among leadership and employees can lead to the company’s demise.  In the article, Importance

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leader within

Finding Your Leader Within

Is there a leader within each of us?  It’s a question worthy of investigation for anyone who works with people—teachers, parents, business professionals, volunteers.  Yes, there have been volumes written about leadership and leadership style.  However, learning how to be the leader within has been elusive.  Instead we learn how to describe leadership traits and

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next generation of leaders

Developing Our Next Generation of Leaders

Daunting times are ahead for our business community in developing our next generation of leaders.  With the continuous exit of approximately 3.5 million baby boomers from the workforce each year, finding qualified replacements is becoming paramount.  The greatest challenge for companies will be finding qualified talent—and keeping them!  Statistics indicate that millennials have an average

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