Teamwork is Strengthened by Different Breeds of People

Build Your Teamwork WiselyTeamwork is a common ingredient in the work environment.  To create effective teams, diversity plays a role.  Like canines, humans have many different types of personalities and represent many different backgrounds.  This diversity—cultural, religious, gender, race and sexual orientation among other differences—can create a wonderful work environment.  Diversity, personality styles, and background experiences should be celebrated in the workplace. Just as dogs  use their unique skill sets to accomplish many different tasks, humans are no different.  Utilizing individual differences in perspectives and skill sets can bring new ways to boost the company’s competitive edge and increase positive work productivity.  Respecting differences strengthens the employee culture and provides an enriching experience in the workplace.

Here are 3 ways to increase positive teamwork by utilizing diversity in the workforce.

1. Practice Honest, Open Communication.

It starts with open and honest communication.  When teaming up with a colleague, spend time learning how the other person works. For example, if your colleague wants to clear her inbox every day, email is probably not the best way to communicate.  She may prefer a phone call or text.  Learn each other’s preferences.  Being will to practice other people’s processes will strengthen teamwork abilities.  Just like our canine friends, it is important in the work environment, that employees play well together. Get to know and respect how others work and are most productive.

2. Celebrate Innovation

With a diverse workforce, companies have many perspectives available to solve challenges that develop.  Different ways of looking at things and different skill sets available can provide opportunities for creative solutions and innovative strategies. Some of the best ideas are the result of teamwork.  Celebrate such diverse ways of thinking by showcasing staff members who have come up with ways to save time and money, offer better customer service, or developed a better product solution to meet customer needs.

3. Be a Team Player

Finally, make certain that staff members remember that they’re all a part of the same team. We realize that the workplace can and should embrace diverse personalities and opinions.  However, once the staff share its conversations and opinions, it’s time to bring everyone together, using teamwork, to move towards the same objectives.  Colleagues may not complete their tasks in the same way, but that should not cause divisiveness.  In the company culture, there should be one team, working toward the same goal.  Strong opinions can demonstrate strong passion, but a well-balanced team will accept consensus while respecting the differences.  It always is nice to appreciate that the workplace is filled with people who care.
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