What are the treasures you own?

Some of these treasures may be items in your homes. Some of these treasures may be the family members and/or close friends that you cherish. There is no doubt that there are material items and people that we associate with that enrich our lives.

However, the treasures that I want to focus on in this article are the talents that you own. Specifically, I am focusing on the talents that you may use in your workday life, sharing with others. Some of these talents may be obvious—leadership abilities, creative artistry, or problem-solving savvy. Yet many talents remain hidden from view, and hardly identified as the precious commodities that they are.

I want you to consider the following questions:

  1. How do you know what treasures (talents) you own, and
  2. How do you share these treasures to make positive contributions in the word around you?
  3. Why does exploring the attributes of these treasures matter?

Take the Skill and Talent Assessment

This assessment will help you uncover the abilities and skills that you can highlight as you build your professional journey, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur. These types of self-report assessments are designed to create a deep dive into how you perform your work assignments and how you work with others. By completing this assessment, you will better understand how to maximize your potential and highlight the talents you possess.

Too often we do not think strategically about our career development. We are not proactive in continually building on the skills and talent we already own. We may not consider what additional skill sets we need to master in order to reach our successfully reach our long-term goals. This assessment is designed to help you think about your long-term professional destination.

If you are trying to move up the corporate ladder or build an entrepreneurial venture, skill expansion is an ever-present necessity. It is critical that you know what skills, talent, and abilities you own and leverage them to grow as a person, and to be a contributing member of society.

If you would like to identify your natural talents and abilities, download and complete this assessment.

Download and Complete Skills Assessment

Value the Jewel that You Are!

Once you are clear on your talents (or treasures) that you possess, you will be able to articulate succinctly the value you bring to the table. Your talents should be considered treasures by the company that employes you because they add value to the company. All organizations need diverse sets of skills and talents to be successful. It’s the combination of these abilities through teamwork or project completions that moves a company forward. So, I believe that it is important to know the treasures you own, and how they can be a contribution. Now, show up and share.

Finally, I like to label skills and talents as “treasures” because I find many individuals struggle with self-esteem. Many people undervalue their skill levels or don’t consider them to be of much value. We are all unique with our own unique set of skills and abilities. Everyone has value to share. Don’t underestimate the “treasures” that you possess. Notice that others appreciate the treasures you own.

Now that you have considered the treasures that you own, I invite you to complete this fun Jewel Box activity. It provides you with a different way to look at the treasures you possess. Enjoy.

Download and Complete Jewel Box Activity
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