When Leaders Drive for Results, Companies Thrive

drive for resultsTo drive for results, leaders must focus on executing the business strategy.  Leaders who create an inspiring vision, must then be able to explain that vision, which includes perspectives from other employees and stake holders, before executing their plans.  This ability to push forward is the driving momentum that produces results.  With a clear vision that everyone understands from various perspectives, the executed strategy will produce successful results.

It is a critical leadership competency to drive for results because it’s your job to ensure that things get done—that initiatives get completed, goals are accomplished, and business growth is achieved.  You can successfully provide the push and drive for results when those working with you are committed to something bigger than themselves.

When your passion and commitment beyond personal gain lights an inner desire to support a cause or action, then others are drawn to follow.  Being committed to a cause bigger than yourself inspires others with a sense that their lives also are contributing beyond personal gain.

People are willing to drive for results when they clearly understand what is being asked of them. Relationships become strained when employees become confused and frustrated about the vision and strategy. This is why you, as the leader, must set benchmarks so that staff can understand and be held accountable, while tracking their progress.  As they are monitoring what is working and what may be moving slightly off track, they can modify when necessary and maintain the trajectory that allows them to meet their goals.

There is an important aspect that helps leaders work successfully to execute strategy and allow staff to seamlessly drive for results.  Every situation has a unique context that shapes the way the situation occurs for us and, consequently, the way we interact with it.

As the leader, you need to know how people are reacting in each of these situations.  For example, if there is a looming deadline, some staff members may be anxious and stressed, while others may feel exhilarated by the challenge. Having such contextual intelligence is invaluable for you as a leader, because you have a heightened awareness of staff attitudes and how to address these attitudes as you continue to drive for results.

The past experiences you bring to the table along with your leadership skills and personality traits, provide you with a unique style of communicating with your staff.  There will be times when your staff must complete challenging assignments to attain your desired goals.  However, accomplishing difficult tasks do more to build personal satisfaction, especially when the end goal seemed impossible to meet.  If you are a leader driving for results, employees are more likely to deliver such results for leaders who inspire them.

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