Cover for Ann Gatty's book: Entrepreneur to CEO

Entrepreneur to CEO: From Business Startup to Thriving Enterprise 

Authors Ann Gatty, Ph.D and R. Shawn McBride introduce you to everything you need to know to navigate your business-building journey. This book is for anyone who has always dreamed of making the leap from employee to entrepreneur . . . or already is one and wants to accomplish their business expansion goals faster. Its wisdom will help you bear the risks of business ownership and fully enjoy the rewards.  Available in Kindle or paperback.

Enjoying A Successful Career Journey Kindle Edition

Planning a career takes diligence, preparation, honest assessment, and hard work. It is a continuous process, and your career journey can take unexpected twists and turns. The author introduces you to a career journey strategy that is a four-step process. This sequential process becomes a recurring cycle as you move through your different career chapters. This book will guide you to decide what you need to learn to enhance your career and create a fulfilling journey that allows you to harvest bountiful rewards throughout the process.

Get Things Done that Matters: A Focused Productivity Guide

Being productive is not about putting in more hours—it’s about prioritizing, planning, and executing your most impactful work so you can meet your desired results. GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER do-it-yourself guide provides strategies for setting meaningful achievable goals and discover simple ways for increased productivity.

Leadership Unleashed: A Great Dane’s Wisdom for the Business World

“Leadership Unleashed” presents a step-by-step solution for boosting employee engagement to create a high performance workforce. It solves the employee engagement riddle by demonstrating how to do this through the eyes, ears and nose of a Great Dane therapy dog named Beretta. The book offers insights gleaned from Beretta to help executives produce a pleasant work environment, understand the importance of relationships and learn how to deal with life as it comes.

Redirection: How to Change Your Business to Thrive Through the Covid-19 Pandemic (Entrepreneur to CEO)

By R. Shawn McBride and Dr. Ann Gatty. As the pandemic ends we have to redirect our businesses.

Redirection is dedicated to helping business owners and leaders do just that – redirect their businesses. Learn the pressures the pandemic is putting on businesses and the possible responses.

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