Brainstorming with Dr. Ann

Clarify your vision by
Brainstorming with Dr. Ann

Dr. Ann Gatty

We offer a unique, individualized Business Brainstorming Session based on the functions found in our Business Sphere of Excellence® planning model. This Business Brainstorming Session consists of

  • a private three-hour conversation to brainstorm and strategize the best options for moving your business forward and/or weighing options for a new start-up.
  • A follow-up report

During this session we look at 6 functions:

  • mission/vision
  • marketing strategies
  • sales plans
  • operating systems
  • product development
  • financial monitoring.

We also look at an 18-month calendar to best strategize the business development sequencing of events. We will compile the notes from the session and provide a written summary with your and our agreed upon business recommendations.

The benefit of making informed decisions about future business plans is that you eliminate the guess-work and match concrete strategize to free-form ideas. Creating a plan with measurable goals allows you to monitor your progress and modify any derailments before they can become disastrous to your business.

Working together we will identify areas of potential growth and areas that may no longer be profitable. With our strategic partner resources, I can recommend other expertise to utilize if needed.

  • I believe you can do big things, and I believe you have great untapped talent waiting to be discovered.
  • All information discussed during the brainstorming conversation is kept confidential.
  • It is our goal to help you create a successful future for your business.

Investment for the session and follow-up report is $450.

To schedule a brainstorming session, call 855-284-4448, or email Dr. Ann Gatty at

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